Eco-Shelter is a social enterprise on a mission to make safe and affordable roofing accessible to low-income households in India

 The cracking ceiling of a home with a roof made of Asbestos Cement Corrugated Sheets.

The cracking ceiling of a home with a roof made of Asbestos Cement Corrugated Sheets.


Why Roofs?

Shelter is a basic human need. Of all of the elements of shelter, the roof is arguably the most important as it provides protection from the sun, rain, and other harsh environmental conditions. A quality roof can offer a sense of security, dignity, and pride in one's home.


Current options are


Roofs can become breeding grounds for disease transmitting insects, contain toxic elements such as asbestos, or can make a home so hot it becomes deadly


Repairing and maintaining a roof of sub-optimal material is time-intensive and can become costly. More durable options come with price tags which are unaffordable for poor households


The least expensive roofing options leak, corrode, crack, and can even collapse



Eco-Shelter is bringing a safe, affordable, and ecological roofing material to market. Our improved roofing material is derived from bamboo, a natural, renewable, and carbon sequestering resource.


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Your donation will allow us to build demonstration homes and buildings for communities in need while testing product fit and developing innovative methods of distribution to reach scale. Together, we can pave a path to provide millions of families with a safe and enduring roof over their head.

Eco-Shelter, LLC is fiscally sponsored by Angels for Angels, a 501(c)(3) (EIN:27-5180670)
All donations made to the pilot project are tax-deductible and eligible for corporate matching